Self-directed and an active problem-solver by nature, I’m an effective communicator who brings efficiency and focus into finding solutions. I possess soft skills such as discipline, promptness, and the ability to absorb constructive feedback to allow for improvement and affect change. Leading creative teams for over ten years, my management style is constructive, collaborative, and committed to ensure professional growth and development. I aim to support project work and remove roadblocks to strategically manage deadlines, approvals, and the overall creative process. I’m passionate about inclusive leadership, demonstrating commitment to equity, and building diverse multidisciplinary teams.


›› 2022 Communications and Marketing Commission Awards of Excellence, AFC

First Place for “Go For It” Campaign, Video Promotion

›› 2022 American Inhouse Design Awards, GDUSA

Certificate of Excellence for Planning for College Box Mailer, Direct Mail and Direct Response

›› 2021 Medallion Awards, NCMPR

Gold for Branded Face Mask Designs

›› 2021 American Inhouse Design Awards, GDUSA

Raider Center, Signs and Environmental Graphics

›› 2021 American Inhouse Design Awards, GDUSA

Go Far Mailer, Direct Mail and Direct Response

›› 2020 Communications & Marketing Commission Awards,

Association of Florida Colleges

Gold for Start a Raider, Finish a Gator Brochure Design

›› 2016 American Package Design Awards, GDUSA

Foxtrot Soaps, Branding and Package Design

›› 2015 American Graphic Design Awards, GDUSA

Marissa Collections, Branding and Promotional Design

›› International Davey Awards, Silver for Brochure Design

Golfweek, Brand Offerings Mailer