Jillian is a self-motivated creative who often took initiative to improve the efficiency of communication and quality of work within the creative department. She is a natural leader and is passionate about achieving successful results. With her skill set, adaptability and dedication, Jillian would be a great addition to any team. I have the deepest personal and professional respect for Jillian. She has my highest endorsement.

Scott Tennant

Art Director, HSN

Jillian is a dedicated designer with exemplary leadership and management skills that I know first-hand would be an asset to any creative department. I am confident her standards for integrity and her ability to be an adaptive and inclusive team-player would be a perfect fit to any team. Anyone who has had the opportunity to collaborate with her knows that the quality of her work, professionalism, and enthusiasm is unparalleled.

Candice Stevens

Art Director, Invitae

Jillian consistently demonstrated enthusiasm and great work ethic. Jillian was a pleasure to work with and contributed heavily to the overall design of the magazine. Along with her strong typography and layout design skills, she maintained the ability to clearly communicate and positively collaborate with other departments. She was always eager for opportunities to further develop her skill set and raise the quality of her designs. I highly recommend Jillian without any reservation.

Jason Jones

Creative Director, StudioJones Design

Jillian was a dependable, highly responsible manager who demonstrated consistent follow through on projects. An excellent team leader, not only did she ensure that her projects were completed on time, but she also encouraged her team to put in their very best efforts. Her ability to prioritize and multi-task, while managing her team in a very busy environment, allowed her to excel in her position. Jillian’s pleasant demeanor and positive attitude made her a pleasure to work with and a well-liked member of our team. She would be a great asset to any organization.

Wes Weidenmiller

President, Presstige Printing

Jillian’s personal strengths are as impressive as her professional accomplishments. An active, outgoing person, she was always engaging in staff meetings and brainstorming sessions and attended professional networking events outside of work. Jillian is extremely reliable and pursues nothing less than perfection for every task or project. But what truly makes Jillian a fabulous co-worker and friend is that she is a kind and genuine person. Even in the often hectic and deadline-driven environment of our office, Jillian maintained an easy-going, positive rapport with her colleagues and communicated her ideas easily and effectively. With Jillian’s endless drive, enthusiasm for delivering great design, and her sparkling personality, I believe that there will be no limit to her success and achievements.

Shelley Preston

Communications Specialist, Cornell University